Hello! My name is Darcy, a mom of three young girls, former petroleum engineer, and living overseas. I am also the founder and maker of S3 Homemade Salsa. I began making salsa while living in Baku, Azerbaijan as they did not have any available for our weekly taco night. My husband and I loved it and I began bringing it to potlucks and other events to share with friends. Everyone loved it! I began making more than we could eat and start canning the salsa so it would last longer and be given as gifts to people.

We currently live in Doha, Qatar and the salsa making has continued! After some encouragement from my husband and others I decided to try selling the salsa and made my first sales batch February 2019. It was a hit and sold out in just a few days. Everyone had positive feedback about the salsa (although some felt that it was a little too spicy - whoops!)

I created this website to showcase my product and also have questions available to those who are purchasing a jar. If you are in the Doha area and would like to buy a jar please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for visiting S3 Homemade Salsa - keep it spicy!


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