Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Spicy And Mild!

One of the things that's hard to control is the exact spiciness - there's always some variety in the peppers themselves and the quantity I end up using since I don't measure.

The first batch of salsa came out a little spicier than my usual and it lent to quite a few requests for a milder version (from those who enjoyed the spice and others who wanted to try it with much less). Regardless I wanted to try and accommodate those who like a less spicy alternative (like my mom!) and so I gave it a shot at making a Mild variation this batch.

Today was a looonnggg day making over 10 liters of salsa and canning it all (thank you Jason for the help!) Sales start tomorrow, err, I mean today for Spicy and Mild salsa. Check the Pricing tab for the available sizes and cost.

If you are in the Doha-area and would like to sample I have extra of both ready for a tasting. Just use the Contact Me form and let me know if you are interested.